About Me and My Blog


My name is Chermaine and I am student at the University of Leicester

I love reading books and plays.

I study English Literature and Language.

I’ve  known about blogging for a while, but i was hestitant to start one for a number of reasons. To being with, I had no clue what to about or whether people would be interested in reading anything I had to say;  I didn’t really know of  any websites for blogging. Luckily i found wordpress after applying to contribute to the ‘Strike Magazine’,  (they are great. check them out on wordpress ) and  now here we are.

My blog will focus on book reviews (i  might sometimes reiverw plays).  When I  read books the characters become so real, and I think that sometimes it is not enough to read a book and put it down; i want to talk about the different characters, dramas, happy endings, and disasters.  I will just be expressing my opinions about books that i have read.(Hope i don’t bore you!)

My blog title ‘It’s just about the books’ . I just like the sound of it.

So stick around 🙂




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