Sad Novels

With the books that I have read so far, only one has really made me cry.  The first book that made me cry was Noughts  and Crosses. Just in case some of you haven’t read it yet, I won’t spoil the ending. All I have to say is that it is a brilliant but sad book.  The ending was unexpected.

I’ve read sad other books that have been heart ranching, but not enough to make me cry.  The boy in the stripped pyjamas was quite sad and I don’t think that character deserved to die. I think I should have cried, but I just didn’t feel connected to the character. But it was still a tragedy.

When I read The Great Gatsby I did not feel very sorry for Gatsby. But the movie captured that deep sadness of losing a dream. Not only did he lose the dream that he reinvented his entire persona for, but he died for a crime that he did not commit.

George Eliot’s Adam Bede has its sad moments. I felt sorry for Seth. He willingly gave up his feelings towards Dinah so that his brother could have her, and he didn’t how a grudge. That is what you call a good brother. He didn’t  even get his moment in the sun. Another thing that I find sad and disappointing is the fact that Dinah, the main female protagonist, did not fight for her right to publicly preach to males and females.

I am currently reading  Small Island,  and i feel sorry for Gilbert (i am not a huge fan of Hortness yet). He is not receiving the treatment he deserves.

Although I don’t really enjoy reading novels with a sad ending , I think that  it is good to create plot lines that stir up all kinds of emotions, not just happiness, anger, or irritation. Life is a mixture of good and bad, and I guess it’s good when novels take a reflection on real life.

I don’t think that these books are extremely depressing (i am sure that there are  sadder books out there). But i think that the authors did a brillant job in  making their novels believable.

What books made you guys cry?

Do you guys have any recommendations? 


  1. I can’t remember the first book that made me cry. I was in high school at the time, but it was the moment that pushed me into writing. I enjoy stories that makes me feel so much where I can’t help but cry and those that make me laugh so loud the person sitting next to me in the waiting room thinks I’m crazy. The latter has happened on many occassions over the years. 😉 -RB Austin

    • That’a great that it pushed you into writing. I experience the laughing out loud stuff as well! That’s what I love about reading. It really brings out your emotions
      I think i remember the first book so well because I didn’t expect the character to die.
      Thanks for stopping by

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