Memorable Fictional Characters

The world fiction has given us some memorable characters. Characters like Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Shakespeare’s Othello stick in my mind.  Even unlikable or such evil characters as Iago, or Duke Ferdinand and The Cardinal, from The Duchess of Malfi, are difficult to completely forget.

One character that I love to hate, but can’t forget, is Iago from Shakespeare’s Othello. I think that what he did to Othello was terrible, yet I could not help but admire his sheer intellectual skill and the way in which he manipulates others.  He used hypocrisy to achieve his aims, and other characters in the play were simply pawns in his diabolic plan. Iago mastered the art of manipulating the weaknesses of characters to achieve his deadly aims.  He convinced Roderigo to sell his belongings; Emilia is used to steal the handkerchief and Desdemona is encouraged to act as an advocate for Cassio.  Iago manages to poison Othello’s mind through deceit and he pretty much gets away with it. What a genius. His words are powerful and the majority of characters in the play fail to escape  from it. This unforgettable character is the epitome of evil.

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