Memorable Fictional characters, part 2

So, i have already posted a blog about  memorable fictional characters. I have decided to continue with it because I am looking forward to talking about some other characters.

One fictional character that is memorable, and loveable, is Jane Eyre from Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre. Jane is such a wonderful and inspirational character. From an early age, she is sensitive to the cruel and unjust way in which Mrs Read treats her . As a young adult, she refuses to be repressed by the society’s customs. I love the fact that she strives for a career and seeks independence. What is there not to love!?  Jane takes a bold step of faith and goes to Mr Rochester. When she finds out  that Mr Rochester has committed bigamy, she follows her moral principles and leaves him. Plus, let’s not forget that during all this drama Jane was only 18.  I don’t remember doing any of that when I was 18, which was only  a  year ago!

What do you guys think of Jane?

Who are your most memorable characters from Fiction.


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