Why I love reading

There are plenty of reasons why I love reading and i’m going to give five of them.

1. I’m fascinated at how writers use words to create a  new world. Often, the new world can be a great form of escape. Although writers give us  descriptions, the rest of the it up to our imagination.

2.   I love  the different types of characters that we find in novels. I can’t always relate to them, but I like following the lives of characters that are so different from me and the people that i know.

3. Reading inspires me to  write. We all know that if you want to be a writer, you have to read.

4. It’s great fun. I know people wouldn’t pick up a book, even if their life depended on it because they find it tedious.  I don’t think  could go a whole year without reading a book; I just find it so enjoyable. But there are some books that utterly boring.

5. It’s a good way to past the time. When i have to take ridiculously long journeys, reading a book really helps. For instance, when your’re on the train and you find yourself sitting opposite someone else, it saves you from having to stare awkwardly at an advert or at the floor.

why do you love reading?

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