A film that could have been a book

Yesterday I watched 27 dresses for ( probably) the hundreth time, and it never gets boring. Apart from the fact that it  has a cast of talented actors, I think that I can handle watching  it time  and time again because it reminds me of a really enjoyable chickflick book, like Confessions of a Shoppaholic or something.

Some film critics may argue that it follows the stereotypical, exhausted formula of a romcom, but I still  think that some aspects of the film would have made it  a lovely book.The main character, Jane Nicholes, is just an ordinary,young women ,who is reliable but unable to see that sometimes she needs to say no. We learn all of this from  the movie, but I would have loved to read about her exciting life in a book.She is a relatable character that could have had greater development if she was in the literature world. The secondary characters, although unoriginal, were also great to watch, and they would have been better to read. Sometimes characters wok better in books. I am don’t know why, but maybe its because I like to use my imagination, and films do strip away that right. Plus, I find that sometimes certain character are better portrayed in books than in films. With books, I think that they is more time for things like scene description, suspense, plot, and character development.

The plot would have worked nicely in a book. I like how it was just simple, with no unnecessary parts. But the film was a bit short,  so perhaps if it were a book it would need more depth. Having that said, the scene in which she models every dress for Kevin was quite fun to watch. I don’t know if it would be as good in a book.

Anyway, I love the film; it’s just unfortunate that it will never be a book.

What do you guys think?  Are there any films that should have been a book ?



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