Memorable Characters, part 3

Another memorable characters that comes to mind is Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. Although he is the protagonist, the introduction of Gatsby does not come till chapter three, and it is a memorable one. In the glitz and glamour of his own party Gatsby is introduced, and finally we meet the eponymous character.  I think that Fitzgerald used a clever technique to introduce Gatsby.  We hear about Gatsby, and the foul dust the foul dust that preyed on him; we read about him through the words of Nick, and when Gatsby does appear, he lives up to the praise. So, his introduction is memorable for me.

For me, another thing that makes Gatsby an unforgettable character  is his persona.  He’s mysterious and quaint. He is cool and reserved, although his fashion sense isn’t always great (e.g., the pink suite). He’s noble, but foolish. I’ll admit that it took me awhile to appreciate Gatsby. But now I see that he is one of the best main characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading about. No one can fault his charitable and loving nature, although I still think that his love for Daisy was too extreme. But, it is this love that makes him memorable. Essentially, he died because of Daisy, and I am sure he would willingly do the same again. Although this may sound desperate, he willingly reinvented his entire life for Daisy. I don’t think that anyone who reads The Great Gatsby can’t forget that. After all, this is the essence of the book. Even though Gatsby may not be a likeable character, every single quality of his personality is unforgettable.

What do you guys think about Gatsby?



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