Just Write

Writing is such a special gift. With the use of a pen and paper, or now a days typing, we can  create beautiful, inspirational, emotional or unsettling pieces of work. Thousands of people can read the same book, yet the responses will be so different. For some people writing is a form of escape, somewhere to forget about their troubles and to find comfort. So, if you can write and if you could share this gift with someone, even one person, wouldn’t you do it?

I believe that there is a writer inside everyone. I know that writing does not come easy to everyone , and sometimes we can fall into the habit of comparing ourselves to others. This feeling of incompetence can make us give up, or shy-away from writing. But if you don’t write and if you keep putting yourself down because others seem better than you, then you’re wasting something special. Remember, we are all different, and each of us has a distinct writing style. If we all wrote the same way wouldn’t that be boring? Embrace your writing style and find ways to improve. We are all learners, so allow yourself to make mistakes . How else can we improve? 

You never know when something interesting might come to your mind. So just write. Just write wherever and whenever. Don’t be afraid to use your imagination; it is a powerful tool. I know that sometimes it is hard to feel inspired, but there is some much inspiration around us. You can write about anything. 


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