A Few Of My Favourite Things

Hey Guys.

The wonderful world of writing (prose/poetry) has plenty of the aspects that are special. In fact, some of these may have drawn you to writing in the first place.

So, here are some of my favourite things about writing:

  1. No Limits:  The Imagination is boundless, and this  allows us to imagine so many  different things. There are literally no limits and there are no rules!
  2. Enjoyable : Now before we begin with the this, I know that sometimes writing can be a pain, especially when you’re suffering from writers block. But writing itself is still so enjoyable because we have the chance to create new and exciting worlds, loveable or detestable characters, or something completely tragic.
  3. A Form of escape : For some people writing is that secret place, safe and tranquil, where no one can disturb them. It offers  an escape from  the pressures of our daily lives and a gateway into an incorruptible yet changeable paradise.
  4. Something that can be shared: Writing is personal, yet the finial product is something that can be shared with friends and family and the world.
  5. Result: Writing is something that brings a lot of joy.This joy is not just experienced by the writer, I think ; Sometimes readers can experience it too. Your story or poem can change someone’s outlook on life; It can give them a new burst of confidence, or even someone who they can relate to. Lets not forget that it can make  us shed buckets of tears too!

What are your favourite things about writing?



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