When he came along (Poem)

When he came along

I remember when we first met

The afternoon was warm,

Flowers were blossoming

And birds were chirping

I was on a bench in the park

I felt so cold that I thought my skin might turn into crystals of ice

My body was weak

And my eyes were sore

I cried because that was the only thing I could do

My head ached with an indescribable pain

My soul wept

I was alone

I had been lonely for a while

I was miserable

I had been depressed for a while

I sat and watched as people passed by

With large smiles and happy hearts

I forgot what that felt like

I tried to smile

My cheeks were stiff

I sat waiting for death to ravish me

I did not want to live, for I had no more life left in me

I had a soul but it was empty

I had all the faculties of the human body

But I was numb

I sat on this bench for hours

Thinking about nothing

I could not process any thoughts

Then, he came alone

So bright and beautiful

So subtle and sublime

He spoke to me for a while

He was a stranger

I was a stranger

To such love and kindness

He had a good heart

And I had a bad one

But he came to make it new

I remember when he left

The evening was slightly warm

The sun smiled

And it rested in the west

The sky looked so bright and glorious

I was walking home

I felt calm and free because I never thought that my life would change

My body was strong

And my eyes were bright

I smiled because it was the only thing that I could do

My mind was free from all darkness

My soul rejoiced.


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