8 Questions to Henry James

I had the pleasure of entering the dark world of Henry James during my A-levels. One of my modules was gothic literature. Now, I thought this would be super fun, spooky and interesting. But, little did i know that Henry James had made it impossible to know what is untrue or true in his novel ‘The Turn of The Screw’. I don’t know if he was trying to screw with our minds (get it?), but i’ve studied ‘The Turn of the Screw’ three times and I’m more confused after each reading. So,  Henry James is dead, but here’s me hoping that he can somehow see these questions.

1. James, what is this novel really about????

2. Does the governess suffocate Miles at the end?

3.Why are these kids so creepy?  I mean, are they really evil?

4. Is the governess crazy?

5. Why did Miles get kicked out of school?

6.Mrs Gross- what’s her deal?

7. So, this Uncle. Um, why does he totally disappear for the entire novel?

8. Peter Quint and Ms Jessel- ghosts or…?


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