To Read or Not To Read Jane Austen

Jane Austen. What’s the first thing that pops into your head? Female writer, romance, drama, Mr Darcy, Elizabeth and so on.  When I first heard of Austen during high school I wasn’t sure if I would like her style. Nonetheless, I decided to read Jane Austen. I remember reading a bit of Pride and  Prejudice and I found it boring. Yep. I  found probably Austen’s most popular book boring. Anyway, I gave Austen another go. I read Northanger Abby and I thought it was okay. Probably not something that I would pick up again.

I kept trying. I went for Emma, which I really liked. But, for some reason I didn’t finish it. Flash forward a couple of years and I decide to read Emma again and I’ll be honest: I still haven’t finished reading it…. but I love it.

I definitely had an on and off relationship with her novels, but Austen is one of my favourite authors. Her characters are vibrant and real. Her books are easy to read, but they offer great social commentary on the society that she writes about.

So, there are alot more books by Austen that I want to read. And, I can’t wait to read them.keep-calm-and-read-jane-austen-25


  1. I couldn’t understand what the hype was about when I first read P&P, but I decided to give it a second chance after watching the beautifully filmed 2005 adaptation. I’m now a fully converted Janeite and have read all her novels.
    I really hope you get a chance to finish Emma – the character growth is splendid.

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