Book Life Lesson #2

middlemarch_eliotMiddlemarch: that huge novel which took me months to read (I’m a slow reader). Eliot’s novel has way too many lessons for me to write about. It’s such a great book because she covers issues like politics, death, religion love, which are still important today. One life lesson that i want to look at today is marriage. There are many couples within the novel, and there is something that can be learned from each marriage. Let’s take two married couples: Dorothea and Casaubon, and Mr and Mrs Bulstrode.

The  marriage between Dorothea and Casaubon is a complete disaster because it is built on an unstable foundation. Dorothea confuses admiration for love; Casaubon doesn’t actually want a wife. He desire’s a companion, someone to help him complete his Key to Mythologies. I think that through this marriage Eliot was trying to teach her readers that marriage can  sometimes be a terrible burden if love is not involved. Marriage will never be easy. But, its even harder when you find that the person you’re married is repulsive.

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Mr and Bulstrode’s marriage is so powerful. Despite learning about her husband’s past wrong doings, Harriet Bulstrode decides to stay with her husband. At the most crucial time of their lives she carries that burden with him; she remains loyal even in the face of the shame that is bought on their marriage.

In ‘Middlemarch’, marriage has its flaws. But through the marriage of Mr and Mrs Bulstrode, Eliot teaches the reader about the redeeming quality of marriage, for Mrs Bulstrode saves her husband by not giving up on him.

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