Book Life Lessons #3

Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’ is a great read and I think it has a lot of lessons that can be taken away from it. Supposedly, Austen’s novel was initially titled ‘First Impressions’, which would have been suitable as well. Austen has a lot to say about flawed observations and judgement. Within the novel, Elizabeth and Mr Darcy are both guilty of having an incomplete understanding about  individuals due to their absolute faith in first impressions. Darcy decides that Elizabeth isn’t handsome enough to tempt him. Elizabeth, although not completely wrong, cannot be unconvinced about the truth of Darcy’s arrogant personality.

Austen isn’t condemning her characters for judging others. But, what her novel calls for is the development of first impressions, the act of continual observation and reanalysis. Elizabeth’s ideas about Darcy change as she reads his letter. Darcy sees Elizabeth’s interior and exterior beauty, although his love confession was not great. Anyway, both characters are unified through their love for each other partially because they overcome the boundaries of first impressions.

Overall, I think that Austen’s novel teaches it readers about the unreliability of first- meetings. Getting to know a person for all that they are takes time.


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