Books, books… and more books


The  New year is approaching. I’ve got some Christmas spending money and I have a beloved amazon voucher. Unsurprisingly, I’ve been on amazon updating my wish list and geeking out about some of the books I want to read in the new year. I’ve even stumbled across authors who were previously unknown to me.

My amazon wish list is still really rough. I probably won’t read half of the books on there and I was  even meant to read some this year, but never got round it .However, I’ll share some of the books that I hope to read in the new year.

  1. I am Pilgrim by Terry Hayes
  2. On The Road by Jack Kerouac
  3. Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee
  4. Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon
  5. We All Looked Up by Tommy Wallach
  6. Always, Never, Sometimes by Adi Alsaid

Plus, I’ve got books on my shelf that starting to get dusty.  Here are just a few of them.

  1. Mill on The Floss by George Eliot
  2. It’s Me, It’s You by  Mhairi McFarlane
  3. To Kill A Mocking Bird by Harper  Lee
  4. Emma by Jane Austen

Who knows if I’m going to read all these. I’m an incredibly slow reader. Nonetheless, I’m hopeful! We’ll see how it goes.

What are some of  the books you guys hope to read in the new year?

Have a happy new year.



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