Gifts For A Book Lover

Christmas has passed and you’ve probably bought countless presents for family and friends. But, the holiday season is not the only time that people flock to the shops, sometimes at the last minute, to fill their shopping baskets with gifts. Some of us head into shops with a clear and precise idea of what we want to buy for that friend, family, or colleague. Others enter a shop and don’t have the slightest clue what to buy- the whole experience is just too much! If you’re stuck on what to get a bookworm,in particular, down below are some suggestions.


photo (13) (2) I think this is the ideal present. There’s no way a bookworm would say no to a book; it’s the ultimate gift. As good as this sounds, there is a potential trap: how do you choose the right book? Firstly, you’ve got to know the type of genre they like to read.  Imagine if they hate thriller books and you buy  them a book from that exact genre? That would be so awkward. However, there’s also no harm in buying them something a little different. I read stuff by Mhairi McFarlane and I also read George Eliot. There’s a huge difference. You’ve just got to know that person well enough, or , if you’re stuck, judge for yourself: would I read this book? If in doubt don’t buy the book at all.

A Mug

photo (14) (2)I can’t speak for all book-lovers out there, but I love to read a good book with a hot drink at hand, especially during the winter. I think there’s a mug for everyone: a cat-lover who loves books; a science fanatic who loves to read and someone who merely likes a giant-sized mug with a good book. Tons of shops sell mugs and they’re not too expensive either! If you’re searching for something specially literally, check out

           Writing Journal/ notepad

It’s a bit cliche to assume that everyone who loves to read fiction writes. In some cases it is totally true (I’m one of those people!). If yonotepadu’re worried about size, an A5 writing journal is always a good call because it’s easy to carry around.

A Kindle

These are on the pricey side, but they’re good for reading on the go. Personally, I prefer hard-copies. Ebooks tend to be on the cheap side, and sometimes the price difference between a hard-copy and and an ebook is significantly different.

Book Marks

photo (15) (2)If you’re like me, you’ve probably lost a lot of bookmarks. I end up using randoms scraps of paper or anything that makes a good bookmark. So, go ahead and buy your book-loving friend one; it will definitely be useful.





What other gifts do you think bookworms love? Comment down below or just say hi!




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