Books I would love to see adapted

I want to see some of my favourite books adapted into movies; however, there’s always a possibility that book adaptions might fail to reach the high expectations of some readers.  Directors may fail to capture the emotional depth of your most loved characters. Scenes may be rushed, leaving an underwhelming feeling. Sometimes there’s just a sense that the entire movie doesn’t work for various but elusive reasons. I’m definitely one of those people who usually say, ‘read the book first. It’s a lot better than the movie.’ In some cases I think the movie adaptation is almost as good as the book, eg. Pride and Prejudice, Of Mice and Men or The Great Gatsby. I’ve even watched part of Still Alice. Surprisingly, the movie made me want to read to the book! So, I still have hope that books can be turned into decent films. Here are some of the novels that I would like to see adapted because I think they have interesting characters, great dialogues, captivating plots and humour.

IMG_4562 (2).JPG

What are some of the books that you would like to see adapted?



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