Should I Continue Writing My Novel Or…

The thought of writing a novel can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time. I have attempted to write novels a couple of times, but I never completed them. Recently, for the first time, I’ve typed more than 40,000  words for a novel that I’ve been working on since the beginning of August. Are there days when I feel like scrapping the entire project? Yes. I’ve had  many days of self-doubt, wondering whether my work is good enough to get published or for anyone to read. However, there are some days when I read part of my work and I think, ‘you know what? This is not that bad.’ I have hope, which helps me to move pass each chapter. My writing is far from perfect and I still have a lot to learn. Despite the days when I can barely get out 500 words, I enjoy writing, experimenting with words and giving characters a world of their own. I don’t only owe it myself to keep working on this project but to my characters who wouldn’t have a voice without the world that I have made for them.

Here’s a little inspiration.

photo (15)

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