E-books or Printed books?

Kindles, Ipads, smartphones and computers: these technological advances have made it possible for people to read books on electronic devices, and thus the e-book is born. I think that e-books have a number of advantages, which include:

  1. If you’re an avid reader there is little need to worry about not having enough baggage space for your favourite books.e-book
  2. Generally, e-books are cheaper than printed copies. However, sometimes the price difference between a paperback and an e-book is not significant.
  3. Instant reading. Amazon have a one-click option. The e-book is sent to your device instantly. There’s no need to wait for the postman. Woohoo!
  4. No creases. No spillages. For some, a crease-free book is a dream come true. No coffee, tea or food stains is even better.
  5. Goodbye to squinting. I know I’ve ordered books in the past with really small front. Small front will not be a problem on e-books because you can increase the front size. Hooray.

The size of my e-book collection has increased, and they’re handy. But, I think I will always pphoto (12) (2)refer printed books. There’s nothing better than the smell of new books or the new and smooth feel of the cover. I love having a physical copy to put on the shelf, and I don’t the mind the creases only if they were made by me. I can’t buy creased books. Paper copies  are more personal, especially because you can write in them with your own hand-writing. So, I’m definitely more of a printed book person who occasionally buys/reads e-books.

Do you  prefer e-books or prints books, or are you 50/50?


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