Charity and Secondhand Bookstores

There’s nothing better than purchasing a fresh copy of a novel. It smells nice, looks glossy, and feels smooth. If you’re like me, when you go to bookstores you search for the book that has absolutely zero creases or annoying stray paper sticking out at the bottom of the bridge.

But used/ secondhand books aren’t bad either. I now have a larger collection of used books. They’re often cost effective and sometimes look just as good as brand new ones. I remember when I went to charity bookshop on a road near to where I lived. I found such a nice copy of Jane Austen’s Emma for about £2.00 or £3.00. It was a new edition!


Bookstores that sell used books are handy, especially for university students. On  many occasions I’ve visited charity and secondhand bookstores to look for books on my module list. One time I managed to get a copy of Riverside Chaucer for £5.00! I still can’t believe that.

Old books may not smell or feel as nice as new ones- this is usually true. But, I’ll definitely continue to buy them alongside new copies. I’ve gotten over always wanting a crease-free copy.


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