Book Review: This is A Love Story by Jessica Thompson


Enter Sienna and Nick, two individuals who spot each other on a train and share a laugh over a squirrel on water skis. Sienna instantly falls for Nick and vice versa. They go their separate ways not for one moment expecting to see each other again. However, it’s turns out that Sienna and Nick work together at a publishing house. Sienna’s new to the place. Nick has just returned from a holiday after an unexpected and messy breakup. This is a Love Story spans over five years, peering page by page into the strong friendship and unyielding love of its two protagonists.

Thompson’s novel was adoringly sweet. Sienna’s was such a kind character, who had a heart of compassion. She made mistakes but learnt from them, and I did think some maturity took place in the cause of the novel. I felt like I got to know the two main characters quite well because  I had so much time to inhabit their world.

The friendship between Sienna and Nick, and Sienna and Pete is heartwarming. Thompson doesn’t remove the friendships from reality; it wasn’t  always sunshine and roses.

The pace of the novel worked well. I do admit it was slow at times; however, there was a natural feel, which reflected both the hectic and mundane moments of life.

As you can guess from the title of the novel, this novel was about a love story, which  took time to flourish and hid mostly within the heart of the main characters. I liked that Thompson didn’t rush the love story. She didn’t sugarcoat any of the relationships or paint an unrealistic image of love that would place it in an unattainable realm. Besides love, family and the reality of homelessness had a significant part in the novel.

Overall, This Is A Love Story is a great read! If you like books similar to One Day this book is for you.


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