Discussion: What is Women’s Fiction?

I recently read through the agents’ section of a catalog for writers and artists. Among the different genres certain agents accepted women’s fiction. What does that really entail?

Characteristics of Women’s Fiction

Women’s fiction follows the life of a female protagonist. Life is visualised from a woman’s perspective, and, from the fiction that I read which fits into this genre, the protagonist usually undergoes some form of hardship which takes her on a journey of growth. Women’s fiction can be written in the form of historical, contemporary to fantasy fiction.

Distinguishing Women’s Fiction from Women’s Writing, and Romance

I’ve identified some traits of women’s fiction. This leads me to think about the difference between women’s fiction and women’s writing. Women’s fiction tends to be marketed to women whereas women’s writing is written by women. I do think that both genres give a voice to the protagonist. In romance novels the flourishing relationship between the heroine and the hero is the focal point of the story. However, these genres aren’t completely shelf-contained; Women’s fiction could have elements of romance and vise versa.

Who Writes Women’s Fiction?

When I think of novels aimed at women I expected it to be written by a woman. Only women truly understand the female psyche and life journeys, right? However, what about a male author who has been exposed to situations that effect women? He is qualified to write in such a genre?

So, what are your thoughts? Comment. below

Here’s a good to a good and informative article about the difference between women’s fiction and romance.




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