Book Series and Stand-Alone Books

imageBook series tend to attract a large group of followers and I understand why. Readers get to follow and befriend characters during the series; it’s like growing up with a best friend. The story arch doesn’t end with one book. Fans wait with eager anticipation for the next book release in the series.

I’ve read a few book series in the past. However, I  tend to go for stand-alone books. There aren’t many particular reasons- I think I go for books that seem appealing to me and they don’t usually belong to a series. I’ve noticed sometimes I get bored with series; if the first book is amazing I expect the the second to be just as good. When this doesn’t happen I tend to move on to something new. Perhaps my expectations are too high or maybe I prefer embarking on short journeys with fictional characters. Who knows?

Do you guys drift more towards series or stand-alone books, and why? What series/ stand-alone books are you reading at the moment?

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