New Book Releases in June and July

There are some exciting book releases throughout June and July. So keep your eyes peeled for beautiful new covers and make space on your shelves for great books.

After You by  Jojo Moyes – June 

 Moyes has finally released a sequel to Me Before You. I’ve heard good things about the prequel, so I hope that After You is just as good. After you tells the story of Lou and her desire to understand the circumstances of her life.


Vinegar Girl: The Taming of the Shrew retold by Anne Taylor- June

Shakespeare fans, you’ll be happy to hear that Anne Tyler has reworked The Taming of The  Shrew.  It’s refreshing when an old piece of work is rewritten. However, one could fall into the trap of over-modernising a classic and stripping away its authenticity. I must admit, the rework does sound intriguing.


I Almost Forgot About You a Novel  by Terry Mcmillan- July

Millan’s new novel focuses on Dr Georgia Young, a woman who embarks of a journey of greater self-discovery. I never read any of Millan’s book and it does sound like a fun read.


In Twenty Years: A Novel by Allison Winn Scoth- July 

When five college friends reunite they must confront the past. This group of five that used to be six return to their old house, encountering old grudges and buried secrets from years ago. I like a good book about friendship.

These are just a few of the many books that you can look forward to in the summer. What book releases are you anticipating?



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