Five Things That Make My Inner Bookworm Happy

1. Bookstores

I could spend hours in a bookstore browsing through all the exiting new releases and different book covers!

2.  New Authors/ Novel

I love discovering new authors. I get to read a whole new range of books that could potentially make it to my favorites list. When a novel reaches into the core of your emotions making you laugh, cry, ponder- that’s when I know I would like to read more by that author.

3. Reading Time

I like tucking into a new good book, ideally in a quiet area.
4. Crease-Free Novel

A novel with a crease-free cover  would be lovely. Sometimes I open the pages of a book in a small and cautious way so that I don’t ruin the spine!I still can’t avoid creases, though, if the book is a paperback.
5. The Smell of New Novels

Why  do new novels smell so good!?

What are some of the things that make your inner bookworm happy? Comment down below


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