When You Can’t Get Through A Novel

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There are times when I find it difficult to get through a novel. No matter how hard I try I  can’t bring myself to turn the page. I have thought about some elements of novels that could have an impact on whether I make it to the end or not.


One thing that puts me off a novel  is a complicated and dense plot. Plots with twists and turns are good. But, when a plot becomes so saturated, making the novel difficult to follow, I find myself wanting to move on. On the other side of the coin there’s the nothing- happens- plots…absolutely nothing! Stakes aren’t raised and characters receive little development. That’s when I close the book and leave it on my shelf.


Themes definitely shape certain parts of a plot. I don’t think any theme is inherently boring. For instance, a cliche theme about a run-a-away bride could be turned into something exciting and different.


Three dimensional characters who grow or experience some form of change- this injects life into a novel. Novels become more realistic when characters are portrayed as normal human beings who make mistakes. I think flat characters  work well in different kinds of fiction (e.g children’s fiction). Nonetheless, I want characters that are tangible, that I can recognise wherever I go. That’s the dream!


This is closely connected to character.The right or wrong  voice ( e.g first person or third person) has a large impact on the way in which readers connect with a novel.


I love beautiful and visual descriptions. But, sometimes certain descriptions are like winding staircases that lead to nowhere.

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