Blog Update

So, we’re half way through the year. I can’t believe how quickly time files! I thought now would be a good time to take a look at some of my goals and my blog in general.

On the day before new year’s day I made a list of some of the books I wanted to read throughout the year. So far I’ve read one book from my first list. I’ve read about 50 pages of The Mill On Floss. When it comes to reading lists I can’t seem to stick to them- I alway up end reading books that aren’t on the list. My plan is to try and read as much as I can from the list!

My blog wasn’t very active last year, and I knew I needed to change that. This year I think I’ve been a lot more consistent. Yay!! But, my non-fiction and article section is looking really empty at the moment. I will definitely do something about that.

I’ve changed theme and colour scheme of my blog. I wanted to go for a neutral look.

I’m still learning how to improve my blog, and I’m enjoying the journey. I’m aiming to post more than once a week- We’ll see how that goes.

Tell me a bit about your blog. Have you achieved any set goals? Have you done anything different/ new to your blog?

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