Flash Fiction: A Heap of Treasure



Retired life was a new thing for Lucile. The countless hours that were previously filled with work was now empty. She found herself wanting to make use of her time, to keep active and stop her brain from turning into a melted-mess of boredom. Afternoon tea with friends was always enjoyable-a few heavy laughs and flashbacks to the good old days would make her eyes crinkle with joy.Time with her children and grandchildren, who had their own life to lead, was irreplaceable. Nothing made Lucile more happy than the warmth of her family and friends. But, ticking in the back of her mind was that persistent awareness of not knowing how she should fill those quiet and lonely hours. She thought about the daises that began to spring from the earth in the her garden and the tall community of grass and weeds that engulfed them. If one wasn’t careful they would miss the delicate flowers, the heap of treasure hiding among a heap of mess.

Word Count: 168

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