10 Bookish Things To Do This Summer

Sunlight pours through windows leaving a warm glow, and a crunchy cone of ice-cream soothes the burning of sizzling heat. Sunglasses are out blocking the rays of the sun. This is when you know summer has finally arrived.

For bookworms, summer is a great time to get stuck into all those books gathering dust on the shelf. I think there’s nothing better than finding inventive ways to have a fun bookish summer, and here are a few things to add to your list of bookish things to do this summer.

  1. Reading Challenge- Setting challenges are rewarding and fun. Some book blogs have challenges were readers aim to read a certain amount of books within a set time frame. If you’re feeling particularly  creative, you could start a personal reading challenge. This could involve reading an entire book series by the end of the summer, reading a specific amount each day, or binge through the entire catalogue of your favoruite author.
  2. Book Festivals-  The music scene has their festivals, but fear not. If you enjoy happily browsing through a large selection of books, meeting authors, and engaging in bookish conversations with other bookworms than book festivals are the place to be. A quick search in google about upcoming book festivals in your area should do the trick!
  3. Baked Bookish Treats- A book inspired cupcake or biscuit-how cute! Fondant icing is great for molding different shapes and it’s super easy to make from scratch (I usually make it using icing sugar and water).
  4. Scrapbook of Your Favourite Book Moments-Scrap-booking is a great way of storing memories by adding personal touches. Don’t worry, you don’t have to be incredibly crafty for this- I’m not. Coloured paper, pretty strings, dried flowers, and buttons- these are just some of the things you could use to decorate your bookish scrap book. You could write cool quotations, or even stick book cover photos inside your scrapbook.
  5. Book Movie Marathon- Numerous movies have been adapted into movies.You could enjoy a quite afternoon or evening watching book to movie adaptions. Harry Potter, The Fault In Our Stars, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, Me Before You- there are so many movies to pick.
  6. Start A Book Blog- Of course this had to be on the list. The good thing about book blogging is that you can blog about anything book related,e.g. favourite literary characters, favourite books, worse books, book reviews, and the list goes on. WordPress is a good place to start.
  7. Make A Painting of Your Favourite Book Covers- Feeling arty? Try painting you’re favourite book cover or even quotations. I once bought a canvas and paint kit from from the 99p store. My painting worked out just fine!
  8. Reenactment Of A Scene From Book–  Pick a  scene from a book or play… Maybe some Shakespeare or Jane Austen.
  9. Start A Summer Book Club- Gather some fellow bookworm friendships, pick a book/s to read over the summer. This could lead to some exciting discussions.
  10. Try Your Hand At Creative Writing- Tap into your creativity and write some short stories or poetry – it could be inspired by anything. If you’re stuck for writing prompts google is your best friend. Maybe you’re feeling extra brave and feel like writing a novel.

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