Fancy Chocolates and Huge Custard Creams

Thornton’s sell a selection of sophisticsted looking chocolate.  It tends to come in an elegant box, and because it contains so many variations of chocolate, there’s a guide. A box of delicous and smooth chocolate would be any chocolate lovers’ dream, right? I was given a larger box and, I kid you not,  I couldn’t  get through that box. There was one with a hazelnut flavour and a couple others that I liked.That’s it. I don’t think I’m a huge fan of chocolate, especially infusion ones. They do look pretty, though.

Biscuits. Now, they are a completely different story. Without mearning  to, I can eat  an entire packet of malted biscuits or shortbread. So, when I saw this huge custard cream  (it was about the size of my palm or slightly smaller) I was super happy and bought it. Taste test. It wasn’t very nice, and it was overly sweet for me. I couldn’t even separate the two parts so that I could scrap off the cream! I feel like custard creams should stay just the way they are: small.


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