Album Review: Tapestry By Carole King

A beautifully written and melodic album, Carole King’s Tapestry enters the world of heartbreak, love, friendship and womenhood. In this  album from the 1970s, King wears her heart on her sleeve, and I don’t know how many of the songs are written from personal experience, but they feel so honest and as if she’s digging up old memories. Tapestry has its captivating ballads and feel- good and face- the-world- songs.

So Far Away I  would define So Far Away as a ballad, with an airy and earthy quality. The piano accompaniment is so melodic, and King’s vocals are rich. Her song is filled with human emotion. King’s craftsmanship is evident here as the lines seamlessly run into each other.Gentle guitar strings and a pretty flute all add to the fairy-tale yet melancholic  feel of So Far Away.

Beautiful: A Powerful song. If you’re feeling discouraged Beautiful is sure to cheer you up. The lyrics speak about a fact that is true for a lot of people: we sometimes feel like we’re not beautiful. But, in the words of King get a hairbrush and belt these lyrics: ‘You got to get up every morning with a smile on your face…’

Home Again: I have three words for Home Again. Sweet, heartfelt and lyrical. Carole really knows how to speak a girls mind!

Way Over Yonder:  This is song has  gospel /country sounding chords. The lyrics are uplifting and sprinkled with hope. There’s a  key change and a  melodic sax. Way Over Yonder is definitely one of my favourites!

You’ve got a Friend:  This has got to be one of the best  best friend anthems I’ve ever heard. I know King’s music because of this song of unfailing friendship. Piano and Cello- definitely ingredients for pulling at your heartstrings. The lyrics are sincere,simple but beautiful. The piano in this piece is so  bold and pretty. Very sweet song.

 Where You Lead: What an optimistic and romantic song. The major and pop-like chords pulls the sun out. King’s lyrics are adorably sweet and promise loyalty to whomever she’s singing too.

Will You Love Me Tomorrow?: Another sentimental ballad for us girls… or guys. King puts forth a genuine question:will our love last beyond physical attraction? There’s delicate guitar picking and beautiful arpeggios. You might want  a box of tissues for this one.

I think the entire album is a songwriter’s dream!

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