5 Ways To Add A Bookish Touch To Your BedRoom

The task of revamping your bedroom can sometimes be a tricky one, if you’re completely clueless on how to decorate it. But, fear not. Get your paint brushes, soft new curtains and bed covers ready. For bookworms, here are 5 ways  to add bookish glamour to your bedroom.

Bookish bedcovers


Go to bed in literary style by covering your bed with a duvet cover of your favoruite book.

 Bookish lamp or lamp-shade


You could make reading books before bed even more bookish by switching your ordinary lamp shed for one with a book character or a book cover. Bookworm chic!

Bookish posters


Here’s something for your bedroom walls. Give your eyes something more to look at by plastering your walls with book posters. If there’s a character that’s particularly a favourite ( Jane Austen fans , I know you’ll search for Mr Darcy!) give them a place on your wall of book-fame

Bookish quotations


Maybe posters are not your thing. You could try framed photographs of your most-loved quotes or, if you fancy a bit of art and don’t mind covering your walls, you could write quotes on your bedroom walls.

 Bookish cushions


Add some extra comfort to your room with literary cushions! You can never have too many bookish items.



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