Chloe’s Rescue Mission By Rosie Dean: Review

After reading Millie’s Game Plan, which I loved, I decided to read more work by Rosie Dean. I buckled down and started to immerse myself in the world of Dean’s Chloe’s Recuse Mission.

As stated in this title this lovable novel is all about a recuse mission. The protagonist Chloe Steele must raise my money to save her grandfather’s theatre. When she makes an appeal on television the events that follow begin to change her life.

Chloe was a great main character who was not afraid to be transparent at times. What I loved was her transformation throughout the novel. Chloe is not perfect, but she learns to let her guard down especially when matters of love are involved.  She’s tenacious, caring and brave. Does she have moments of fear, doubt and anger? Yes. But these whirlwind of emotions made her accessible and realistic. There was a cast of wonderful characters as well. Duncan and Chloe made a fab team. What I will say is that at times, Duncan reminded of Josh from Millie’s Game Plan. Nonetheless, I loved his cool, chilled and sensitive persona.

This romance novel is so endearing. It’s chick-lit with substance as well as twists and turns. I was hooked and couldn’t wait to see if Chloe would succeed in her mission. I did expect the ending-still, it was fluffy and lovely.

Overall, I loved Chloe’s Rescue Mission. It’s easy to read, funny and super sweet. Go on and give it a read.

Link to purchase Dean’s novel:


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