Restaurant Review: Fernandez Grill House

Located in Leicester’s city center is Fernandez Grill House.  Fernandez is inspired by food from Europe to Africa, the Middle East and Australia.  Now, I thought the logo of the restaurant was really eye-catching and I think bright colours tend, especially in a restaurant, tends to have a fun and lively feel. I loved the decor, the warm colours and the pretty dangling lights. The menu holder and wooden spatula  with my table number was so rustic.

On to the food. I ordered spicy rice and chicken with medium level spiciness. I absolutely loved the food. Sometimes, some restaurants serves spicy which tastes super bland- where’s the seasoning!?  If you like well-seasoned food that isn’t eye watering spicy, Fernandez ticks those boxes. The chicken was great as well. It didn’t taste dry nor was it under-cooked. The portion sizes- I was stuffed!

Fernandez’s menu is varied.Steak, fish, meat, burger or vegetable lovers will find something delicious to fill their tummy.

The atmosphere was chilled. But, I went in the afternoon, so I don’t know how busy it gets in the evening. Fernandez’s lunch time menu is only £6.00, which includes a drink. I think the service was normal, the waiters were friendly and the inside area was clean. I would definitely eat there again.



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