Novel Writing Journey #1

Hi writers, readers, bloggers…

I’m going to rewind to when I first got the idea for my unpublished and  in-need-of-thorough-editing novel.

So, I tried to write a novel during my time at university- it’s a completely different idea. I can’t remember how much I wrote. All I know is that I couldn’t focus on uni and writing a book at the same time. My brain was not cut out for that. But, I did learn some positive things. One: I can’t write a first draft without planning or brainstorming. Two: I need to know where the story is going. Finally, three: an unfinished novel is never wasted because; I can return to it in the future.

Bearing all of this in mind, I waited until I graduated to start writing my novel. This novel was  inspired  by very short story-it’s probably more like flash fiction- which I wrote during my third year. For some reason, I wrote a few stories about weddings. It was probably something to do with 27 Dresses, which did inspired me. Books that I’d read in the past definitely gave me a boost of creativity.

I wanted to tell a story about a character that I knew well and that’s why I tried to plan as much as possible. I used to find it difficult to sustain a long plot, which sucks if you want to write an normal sized normal (roughly 80,000 words). To some extent I still do. But, this experience of completing my first draft has helped a lot in terms of plot. I’m learning more about myself as an aspiring writer. Hooray for planning!

What are your experiences of writing? Are you a planner or more of a sit-and-write person?



  1. I’ve found that I needed to plan my novel before I started and then go back and review things every two weeks or so. I don’t like knowing exactly how the ending pans though because I want to know my characters better when I decide. How many words is your final draft? So pleased for you that you have got to this stage

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