Short Story: Changes


This was the room. The white walls and yellow curtains were still the same. When sunlight appeared,  it still rested on an old lamp with rainbow coloured tiles, which made pretty colours glide on the wall. As Joan sat on her bed staring at the walls, she sighed deeply. This room was irreplaceable, and it would now belong to someone else because it was going on the market. She got up from her bed and pulled out a box labeled ‘Old stuff’.

Joan looked through the plastic box which had notebooks, jewellery, posters and magazines. Smiling to herself while memories flooded back to her, Joan picked up something covered in newspaper and  unwrapped it . She was transported to moment with her sister.


Joan’s younger sister was fond of sneaking into her bedroom. One day, Joan’s sister somehow managed to drop a glass angel figurine. Hearing the front door open,  Amy  covered her eyes with her hands. ‘Oh no, oh no. Joan’s going to kill me’, she said.

After greeting her mum in the kitchen, Joan walked up the stairs to her bedroom.  When she saw her sister tiptoeing out of her bedroom with that sad puppy look in her eyes, she knew that something was broken.

Joan dropped her handbag on the floor.’What did you do,  Amy? she asked, crossing her arms and tapping her foot.

‘The wings are broken. It was an accident’, said Amy, her voice a pitch higher. Followed by Joan, Amy went back into the bedroom and held the angel towards Joan.  ‘Please don’t be cross . Please?’ She clasped her hands together in a prayer-like fashion.

With wide eyes, Joan said, ‘ How did that happen!? I love this angle. What we’re you doing with it?

‘I didn’t mean to break the wings. I was just playing with it’, said Amy. ‘We can fix it.’

‘My best friend gave this to me and now look at it. I’, telling mum.’

‘Nooo’, begged Amy. ‘I promise I wont go into your room from now on.

‘Well…’, Joan sighed. ‘Mum’s likely to kill you more than me because you’re always up to no good. I’m not happy about this, but I won’t tell this time’, she said reluctantly.

Amy eyes lite up and she hugged her sister. ‘You’re the best! Thanks so much’.

‘Don’t think I’m doing this for free. Do my chores for the week .’

‘Anything but the chores, Jo!’

‘Take it or leave it’, said Joan, enjoying her advantage.

Eventually, Amy agreed and the two sisters went their separate ways.



Joan traced the cracks with her finger tips.Amy had helped her glue it back together. In fact, throughout the years there was always ups and downs.But, like the broken wings on this angel they always managed to fix it. This box was full of memories; this house was full of many sister moments. Joan glanced around the room with a happy yet sad heart.

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