Book Review: The Sun is Also A Star by Nicola Yoon

The Sun is Also A Star is Nicola Yoon’s second young adult novel. It follows the story of Nastasha, a  Jamaican girl living in America illegally, and Daniel, a Korean American. Their worlds collide on the day that Natasha and her family are being deported to Jamaica. But then love is thrown into the equation and ,as you can imagine, things get complicated.

Firstly, there are so many things I love about this novel. I’ll start with the characters. What I love about Natasha is her determination and her innate ability to keep fighting  even when life throws spears and daggers in her direction. She’s a girl who has a scientific view of life, which is something that I don’t relate to. Nonetheless, I enjoy seeing the world through her eyes. Natasha has strong opinions, especially about love and life. But as the novel unfolds so many sides of her personality are revealed; she’s not as devoid of emotion as it first appears.

Now on to the other protagonist. Daniel is such an adhering character who feels deeply and writes… poetry! In the same way as Natasha, Daniel’s ideas of life are challenged and I think he learns an important life lesson: you can’t fulfill someone else’s dream.

Yoon’s novel is dispersed with other characters with touching stories.I love how these characters are connected to the protagonists in small and big ways.

The structure of this novel was perfect! Honestly. I don’t think this novel is made of a series of random events. Isolated events are connected and dependent on other.

Daniel and Natasha….where do I begin? I can’t imagine meeting someone in a busy city and falling in love within an instant. Nonetheless, Daniel and Natasha are adorable! You know some people say opposites attract? In some way this is true for these two. Natasha: a science girl. Daniel: a fate and destiny type of guy. Yet, they compliment each other so well.

The familial relationships aren’t perfect and it adds more realism to the novel, because families have their chips and cracks in some shape or form.  Don’t worry, there are some tear-jerking  as well as sweet family scenes.

Tissues.  Will you need a box of tissue for this novel ? Potentially. I managed to hold in most of my tears. So, probably don’t read the last half in public.

The Sun Also A Star is sweet, funny, sad, smart and honest. It’s more than a love story  in  a day. It’s a story that overflows with forgiveness, family, courage, vulnerability, pain and hope.




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