Novel Writing Journey #3: Fictional Characters

Hi follow bloggers, writers and readers!

I hope the Christmas season is treating you well. I know it’s been a while since I upload a post in this series. Forgive me!

Anyway, I want to talk about characters in the novel writing process. I’ve read tips here and there about how important it is to know your characters inside out (my third year creative writing module helped alot!) So, during my planning stage I made notes about my main character’s strengths and weaknesses as well as her likes and dislikes- this was a good starting point for me. To some extent, I did the same with other characters.

I wanted my characters to  have a human quality and I think it’s difficult to not create a stereotype. I tried to keep in mind the notes I had made previously. To be honest, as I started to write my characters developed their own personalities… and I when I began  redrafting I realised  I didn’t know my characters well enough. So, I definitely didn’t get it right the first time and I want to make sure that my  characters aren’t perfect! Humans have flaws as well as good and bad days.

These are some of the things that helped with me with characterisation:

How would your character/s react in this situation?

Make sure the character/s speech style is consistent

What is your character’s goal/s or does your character/s have a goal?

What does your character like/dislike?

What’s their favourite hobby/food/place to visit?

Creating characters isn’t easy  but for me it’s been a fun and difficult learning experience!

What are your experiences with creating fictional characters?

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  1. I found something similar in my WIP, my main character became much bolder and my secdonary cahracter, who was initially very forthright, became timid. I don’t know how or why they changed but it works much better this way 🙂

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