Album Review: Leon Bridges, Coming Home


Leon Bridges’ album Coming Home (2015) oozes with the sound of 1950s and 60s American soul and gospel. Inspired by the likes of Sammy Cooke, Coming Home, with its rich vocals and rhythmic beats, is refreshingly classic and nostalgic. From songs like Lisa Sawyer to Shine, Bridges is bold and honest in his lyrics. He sings straight from the heart and overflows with so much natural ability.

The 1950s/60s vibe, the suites, hats and skinny ties all add to the style of his music. The great thing is that he seems so comfortable with his dress style. It’s as if Brides’ soul lives and breathes the era from many years ago and wishes to tell, through music, meaningful stories and vocalised letters from the heart to anyone that wishes to listen.

I was instantly hooked by Fort Worth’s local singer and former waiter’s song, River. A mastery  retro throw-back, Coming Home is  urgent, creative, personal and purely beautiful.



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