Novel Writing Journey #4: Happy Endings

Hello readers, writers and bloggers.

I love a happy ending. When a character in a novel achieves that one dream, gets married or perhaps has a second chance at restoring a broken relationship it puts a smile on my face. However, what happens when the author doesn’t give the reader what she /he wants or expects? What if the novel departs from a cliche? Does this mean that the ending of the novel in question is no longer ‘happy’?

Before I wrote my novel, I knew how it would end. I was determined to make sure that it wasn’t too cliche; I didn’t want to give the readers everything they wanted or expected. Sometimes, when the close of a novel isn’t typically satisfying this adds a touch of realism.

Like I mentioned above, I already chose how to finish my novel.  As the plot evolved during the writing process  it become more apparent that the ending was suitable. Then, there was the other part of me that really wanted to write an alternative ending. I decided to stick with my first option because I thought it worked best for my characters; it’s their story and not mine. However, I would love to the write different final chapters just for fun.

I would define my ending as cheerful yet sad and realistic  in relation to the characters.

How would you describe the ending of your novel?

Happy Writing

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