Novel Writing Journey #5: 4 Ways To Stay Motivated

Fellow writers, the art of writing a novel is not easy. Maybe on occasion, like me, images of writing in a trendy hipster café, sipping quality coffee on a rainy day roamed through your mind before you started writing a novel. But let’s be honest. Sometimes it difficult to keep trudging through the mud when *cough cough* memes, the disease that is writers’ blocks, kicks in.

Maybe you’re writing your first, second or third novel. Perhaps you’ve reread a chapter and thought, ‘this is so bad. Is it worth it?’ Well, I think it is. So, don’t give-up on that ground-breaking novel just yet, because here are 4 ways to stay motivated from a writer-in- progress.

Daily Goals

For me, having a daily word count was a great source of motivation, especially at the beginning of my novel writing journey. Pick a word count that works for you and remember there is no pressure to write quickly; enjoy the journey. National November Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) happens annually and it’s a great tool for helping writers reach a certain amount of words per day.

You Owe It To Your Characters

Strange one. But it works! Your characters will only get the chance to fully exist in the fictional as well as real world if you write and finish the novel for them. The power of the pen (or keypad) is in your hands.

Seeing Your Book Published 

Seeing your crisp paperback/hardback on a shelf is a dream. However, don’t let your fears of not being published deter you from writing. I think it’s a fantastic achievement to publish a novel. But as you embark on that tricky chapter, remember your love of writing. In the end that’s all that matters and you are a writer in regardless of owning a publishing deal or not.

Communicate With Other Writers

Sometimes it may feel like it, but you are not alone in this roller-coaster ride. Sharing the awesome as well as frustrating things about creating a world from scratch is such a good form on support. You could even join a writers’ group if there’s one in your area or talk with other writers/creatives. I’ve found that talking with other writers and occasionally attending master classes has helped.

So, you’ve read this, and I hope you’re fully charged.  I believe in you. Go on and finish that brilliant novel.

Feel free to share any of your experiences in the comment section.

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