Don’t Stop Me Now By Colleen Coleman: Review

Coleman’s novel was such a joy to read and the characters were life-like. Poppy Bloom, the protagonist, had one dream in mind: to secure the wonderful fellowship and live an idyllic life at Banbridge University. However, Poppy never gets to fulfil this wish and has no choice but to step out into the real world, 29 and jobless. I loved that Coleman showed many sides to Poppy. She was confident, anxious, persistent, frightened and brave. Poppy’s confidence grew from page to page, and I think she represents women with a fighting spirit. Of course, encouragement from her family (especially her no-nonsense mum) and brilliant netball team helped. But deep down, even when Poppy felt defeated, she managed to move forward at her own pace.

Mixed with humorous and heart-felt moments, Don’t Stop Me Now doesn’t primarily focus on the fairy-tale moments of life. Sometimes, the PhD graduate becomes the jobless and lost adult living at home; sometimes, familial relationships breakdown and other times, best friends and significant others are the people who really don’t love you. This Chick-Lit novel doesn’t shy away from the fact that life can hurt. But life’s hiccups shouldn’t paralyse us, because we can always rise above situations that seem insurmountable. I think this is a great sentiment; anyone in a comparable situation to Poppy and the other characters will come away feeling hopeful and inspired. I certainly did!

Of course, there’s some romance in the story, but it’s not the focal point. DSMN balances  heart-warming friendships with family moments. You might need a tissue if you’re prone to shedding tears!

I think Poppy’s ex-boyfriend should have made another appearance. I wanted to see how he would react to Poppy’s new career. Nonetheless, in hindsight, he’s lucky that Coleman mentioned him again in the novel.

Overall, this novel put a smile on my face and I loved it! Coleman writes with such warmth and humour. This fictional world really is inspiring and maybe Poppy was a lucky character, but who knows: when we live fearlessly anything can happen.

Taking baby steps and literally working your way up is at the heart of DSMNI can’t wait to read more novels by Coleman.

If you like authors such as Sophie Kinsella, Mhairi McFarlane, or Rosie Dean, definitely give this feel-good novel a read.

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