This Love by Dani Atkins:Review

Beautifully poignant and captivating, Dani Atkins’ This Love is a story of romance, loss and embracing life for all that it is. Akins’ bittersweet novel is centred around Sophie Winter, who has very few relationships because of a tragedy that occurred in the past. However, through her coupling of love, grief and friendship, Akins shines a small but ever-growing beacon of hope on the life of Winter and other characters with in this book.

This is my first time reading a novel by Akins and I loved it. From elegantly written passages to unfaltering hope and sincere characters who will pull at your heart strings, this novel covers a wide spectrum of emotions. Some of the scenes are heart-warming and full of humour. But beneath the scenes of laughter, TL has a throbbing sadness which juxtaposes with the hoovering spirit of sincere joy.

The issues that Akins tackles are challenging. She approaches topics such as grief and illness with sensitivity.TL is gripping and goes beyond the surface of plucking at human emotion. I admit that this novel made me cry. Despite this, TL is so encouraging and it stresses the importance of forgiveness and being fully present in every moment of life. Sophie is an example of the crippling power of fear and regret. On the other hand, she, and many other characters, show that it’s never too late to take life by the hands and choose happiness over misery. The journey of leaving the comfort-zone may be ugly and full of difficulties; TL illustrates that stepping out of that comfort zone is worth it, because sometimes your remarkable life-experience may last for just a short season; however, sometimes it’s impact is infinite.

I’m glad I stumbled across TL, because it’s a reminder that individuals can choose to have a positive perspective amid heart-breaking circumstances. Add TL your reading list and you won’t regret it.

This Love 


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