Vicki’s Work Of Art By Rosie Dean: A Book Review

Rosie Dean’s romantic comedy novel is centered around the life of Vicki, an art teacher. Marriage to Marc is on the horizon. Before the they have the chance to promise ‘I do’, Vicki is left stranded at the altar. Broke and deflated, Vicki decides to resign from her job, and with encouragement from her friend, pursues a career as an artist in France. While residing in France, she faces tough situations which force her to make life-changing decisions about love and pursing forgotten dreams.

Vicki’s Work Of Art is a wonderful and lovely novel. Dean’s use of the first-person narrative is so good and I know Vicki as if she is a close friend. Vicki is a funny protagonist with loveable quirks and a kind heart. I think her decision to move away from home and everything familiar is bold and inspiring. Changing careers and uprooting yourself in your late twenties must be difficult, and I love that Vicki takes a chance and turns her artistic ideas into tangible, unique masterpieces. Vicki is not flawless, which makes her more relatable. Her ability to bounce-back, even when confidence levels are low, is encouraging.

The story flows nicely, and Dean gives the reader a glance into the mind of other characters. There’s some mystery and enough drama to keep you hooked. The French aura, the cuisines, landscapes and language- these elements are vivid and add a cultural touch to the novel.  VWOA has romance, and Dean’s novel resembles Pride and Prejudice, with its Darcy vibes and a scenic country-side.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Dean’s novel. From vibrant characters to chuckle-worthy moments, VWOA is witty and entertaining.




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