Welcome to My World By Miranda Dickinson: A Christmas Book Review

When I read Dickinson’s It Started With A Kiss, I looked forward to reading more of her work. So, I read Welcome to My World. Dickinson’s book is about Harriet Langton. Harriet works for a local travel agency. But she’s never travelled, and the one place that she really wants to visit (Venice) will be no fun without going with the love of her life. She meets Alex, a care-free spirit, who travelled for 10 years. They form a friendship, and Harriet finds herself in a surreal situation involving a magazine, lots of letters and a new realisation.

I liked Harriet’s passion for travel. It’s nice to meet a character passionate about visiting different countries. She had great chemistry with her best friend Alex and his mum. Her work colleagues added an extra depth of humour to the novel. There are characters who make crazy decisions in this book (including Harriet) which result in stressful, dramatic and life-changing experiences. Dickinson is great at injecting a real-life quality into her characters and scenery.

At times, I felt like the novel was overloaded with beautiful but sometimes unnecessary detail. The story moved from past to present, and Dickinson wrote it in the third person. For me, the first-person narrative might have worked better. Nonetheless, WTMW was a lovely novel filled with energetic characters and a heroine who deserved the best in life. I’m happy that Harriet conquered her fears and moved past the pain that occurred in her life. Dickinson’s work was easy to read and featured heart-warming moments.


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