One Day In December by Josie Silver: A Book Review


“Sometimes you just meet the right person at the wrong time.”

Laurie James

Josie Silver’s One Day in December is a book about love and heartbreak, friendship, loss and second chances. The two protagonists Laurie and Jack meet in December. Laurie spots him while sitting on a bus and their eyes lock. Instantly, they feel something. Laurie knows that this is love at first sight. Jack hesitates and by the time he makes up his mind to get on the bus, it drives away. Thus begins a story that takes place over a decade.

I loved so many things about this book. The writing style was easy to follow and the plot unfolded gradually. Each event in the novel revealed more and more about the strengths and weaknesses of the characters. Josie wrote the novel from the viewpoint of Laurie and Jake, which allowed me to deepen my understanding of the characters. Laurie was a good friend with a kind heart. Like any other human being, she had flaws too but I loved that she was never too proud to admit her mistakes. Laurie and Jack developed as individuals throughout the book. They experienced difficult circumstances and made drastic but important decisions. Jack wasn’t a knight in glittering armour. He had his troubles and didn’t up on life in the end. Laurie wasn’t a brave heroine in a typical way, but she’s witty. She grew into her braveness and so did Jake, which made them very human (and frustrating at times!). Jack and Laurie had dreams and they followed them.

The friendship between Laurie and Sarah’s was lovely to read and I could tell they had a firm bond.  I liked the continual reference to their special sandwich and fact that I got to see them transition from graduates to adults in their early 30s.

For all the heartbreaking scenes in this novel, there is laughter and lots of love too. One Day in December is a touching love story worth reading.

*Received ARC from publisher.

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