For Once in My Life by Colleen Coleman: A Book Review

Colleen Coleman’s For Once in My Life is all about 29-year-old bride-to-be Lily Buckley, a journalist in her hometown. However, life takes a different turn and Lily finds herself in the face of  new opportunities and a second chance at love.

I liked so many things about this hopeful, funny and uplifting book. Lily was just a brilliant protagonist. Her heart got broken in many ways and she retreated for a while. But, Lily was a fighter. She stepped out of her comfort zone at work and embarked on an exhilarating, uncertain and new journey learning to trust again.

Throughout the book, Lily overcame her fears and left the pain of the past behind. In the end, I really think she experienced a process of healing. Life was messy and unpredictable at times; instead of waiting for the next disaster, she eventually enjoyed the good moments, persisting through new problems with hope and pushing fear behind.

Chris, the leading guy, was great and had his own set of difficulties. I loved his enthusiasm and the way he encouraged Lily. Sweet and smart, Chris added a lovely touch to the book.

The book had a cast of characters with their own quirks too.

For Once in My Life had some very special moments that might bring a tear to your eye. I was rooting for Lily and wanted to find out more about the story after every chapter. The opening of the book had the right tone and drew me in.

Charming, full of life and romantic, For Once in My Life left a satisfying smile on my face.

-Received ARC from publisher.


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