Writing The Song “Drift Away” For My EP

I released my first EP about a month ago. This has been a great achievement for me, and I’m glad that I can make music in my spare time. The EP features songs old and new. I want to talk about the title track “Drift Away”.

I can’t remember actually how long it took to write this song (maybe an hour or more). I do recall that I enjoyed writing the lyrics and choosing chords on the piano.  I made revisions along the way. For instance, the final version of the chorus is different and so is the middle eight.

I wanted this song to have a calm and almost dream-like vibe. In the song, I sing about being still, “not running” and watching the “sun disappear”. I’m conveying a peaceful life, where doing nothing for a while is okay, especially in this busy world. The protagonist of this song is escaping life’s stressful moments.

One of my most favourite lines is “stars blend in sky”. Sometimes, looking up at the night sky is so relaxing, and I’ve noticed that it looks beautiful too. In “Drift Away” the protagonist takes time to enjoy her surroundings.

I created the harmonies for this song a lot later. I knew that I didn’t want overpowering backing vocals. My aim was to create a blended and compact sound. The producer  I worked with brought the whole song together too. I started writing this song with the piano. When I went to the studio, we added a guitar rhythm and a mid-tempo drum beat which gave the song a fuller sound.

I enjoyed writing this song and experimenting with different harmonies. It was great to see the song develop from voice with piano accompaniment to a track with multiple layers and instruments.

Head over to Spotify or SoundCloud to hear the track.




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